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Linear graphs

Several lessons on linear graphs:

  • Horizontal and vertical graphs, both identifying and sketching them.

  • Sketching linear graphs using a table on values with clear explanations, differentiated main activity and dominoes extension/group task.

  • Sketching linear graphs using the y-intercept and the gradient with clear visual examples. Also covers horizontal and vertical graphs. Bingo to assess students' knowledge of linear equations. Link to sketching questions.

  • Sketching implicit equations of graphs, using x=0 and y=0. Four examples and a differentiated main task.

  • Solving simultaneous equations graphically has visual explanations based on sketching linear graphs using the y-intercept and gradients. As usual, this lesson features a differentiated main activity.

  • Parallel and perpendicular graphs features a multiple choice activity for students to compare parallel and perpendicular gradients, following an investigative starter tasks. Clear explanations and differentiated main task (5 questions on parallel graphs and 5 on perpendicular graphs).

  • Midpoint of a line segment also covers finding the equation of a perpendicular bisector of a line segment too.

  • Equation of a line from a graph has several examples on finding equations from diagrams followed by a differentiated main task.

  • Equation of a line from two coordinates is broken down into first finding the gradient from two coordinates, then looks at substituting the gradient and a coordinate into y = mx + c to find the equation of the line. Plenary is a "spot the mistake" task to encourage discussion.

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