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Mammoth Starter Packs

Possibly my biggest project since the PixiMaths Aiming for revision guides!


A huge selection of GCSE starter tasks - 2 or 3 questions for every lesson of the year for students to practice. Similar to the Aiming for booklets, these are split into rough grade guesses to help you select the best pack for your class.

To use:

  • Click the term (Autumn, Spring or Summer).

  • Select the week of the term and the lesson of the week.

  • Give students 5 to 10 minutes on the questions - some require a calculator.

  • Go through the solutions as a class.

  • Use the home symbol in the bottom left to take you back to the first page.

  • No printing required!


Answers are not included as there is no point in using this resource if you do not go though full solutions.

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