Homework is something I often get asked about. I considered making some homework resources of my own, but when there's already so much good stuff out there, I decided there's really no need.

Below I have collated some of the best resources (in my opinion) that you can use for out-of-classroom tasks for your students.

I love using Hegarty Maths and MathsWatch for homework - both of them offer online support for students in the form of videos, and are self-marking too. Well worth the sign up fee, as they're really helpful for revision lessons too.

I have recently discovered Pret Homeworks, collated by @mathsjem, but contributed to by around 50 other authors. They offer differentiation and variety, don't take too long to mark either.

homework display board

@AndyLutwyche has created Clumsy Clive; an amazing set of worksheets that requires students to identify common mistakes that Clive has made in his homework. Great for class discussions!

If you need your students to practise some exam style questions on a particular topic, CorbettMaths, KESH maths and Maths Genie have loads of these. Answers are available to speed up the marking process. Why not get students to peer/self-assess to save you marking time and support them in becoming more familiar with markscheme?

If you want to add a bit more variety to homework, the takeaway menu idea is great. Have a look at @mrprcollins version - it's my favourite.

Cowen Physics (who have already brought us MegaSeatingPlan.com) has now created Mega Quizzer, which allows you to set a minimum requirement of question to be written by students. Once written, these questions can be approved by you then shared with other teachers around the world to be used with their classes! What a great example of collaboration!