KS5 Teaching Resources Index

This booklet will help your students transition from year 11 to year 12 more successfully. It includes topics that students will need to be confident with from GCSE to help them achieve in A Level.

Inspired by RISPs, I am going to be creating rich tasks to use with my year 12 class. I'll be adding to it regularly so make sure you keep checking for more!

These resources have been designed to be used by teachers as normal teaching resources or by students through flipped learning. The resources cover basic teaching points in all cases to be adapted for whichever exam board you use if you need to. 

Personally, I hope to use flipped learning this year so students arrive at my lesson having covered these basic teaching points at home so we can maximise lesson time and look at exam style questions and solutions.

If you can't find a topic, I haven't made it yet! Hopefully there's enough here to get you started. Follow me on Twitter or sign up to my newsletter (below) to be notified when more resources are added.

Year 1


Mathematical Proof


Surds and Indices

  • Indices

  • Surds

Quadratic Functions


Equations and Inequalities

  • Simultaneous Equations

  • Inequalities

Graphs and Transformations

  • Graphs of Functions

  • Transformations of Graphs

Coordinate Geometry

  • Linear Graphs

  • Circles


Binomial Expansion



  • Sine and Cosine Rules

  • Trig Review

  • Exact Values

  • Trig equations

  • Trig Identities


  • Introduction

  • Tangents, Normals and Stationary Points


Exponentials and Logarithms

  • Exponential equations

  • Exponential and logarithmic graphs

  • Logs




Revision Resources

I've collated a few links to free revision resources for the new A Level from around the world wide web. Most are practice exam questions, a few tutorials/videos and some full practice papers too.

Maths Genie

Videos, questions and solutions

Crash Maths

Practice papers

Naiker Maths

Practice papers

Physics and maths tutor

Select "Questions by topic"

Exam solutions

Tutorial videos and papers to practise

Dr Frost maths

Tutorial PowerPoints to help you revise

Mr Barton maths

Videos, questions, notes etc