Terms of Use

All the resources on PixiMaths (PowerPoints, worksheets, revision materials and everything else) have been created, over 1000s of hours, by PixiMaths. The resources are free (and will always be free) to use for individual use or for use by teachers for their classes.

I only ask that you keep in consideration the amount of work that I have put into the website and content, and if in doubt over your planned use of the resources, please feel free to ask me directly.

I encourage colleagues to “link” to my website on their school websites, VLEs or personal website rather that uploading copies of my files. One reason for this is that I constantly update and improve my resources and this avoids older versions of my files being found online. Another reason is that I can afford for the resources to be free because I get revenue through adverts on the website.

Under no circumstances can any PixiMaths resource be used by anyone for profit making purposes.

Please never pass any of my work off as your own as all work is copyrighted and registered under the PixiMaths trademark. Trademark infringement may lead to legal action being taken.

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