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Is It free?

PixiMaths teaching resources are completely free and always will be. There are optional extras that you can buy in the store – digital revision flash cards, revision bookmarks or a USB which contains all teaching resources in easy-to-access folders.


What does the membership do?

Not a lot at the moment to be honest! You can access the forum but that’s about all. I have longer term plans for this though so watch this space.


Do I need a login?

No login in required to use PixiMaths. However, if you are a regular user, I recommend that you subscribe to the monthly newsletter (at the bottom of the page) so you don’t miss out on any updates.


How do I know if anything has been updated?

Sign up to the monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page. I won’t spam your inbox, but you’ll receive an email each month (usually, unless home/work commitments get in the way) detailing any updates to the site. I also include a Website of the Month that is always worth a look too.


What’s on the USB?

The USB contains everything on the website (excluding flash cards which must be bought separately), as well as a few extras that are exclusive to this package. Click here for a more detailed list.


Can I share the resources?

Yes, please do! They are for use by teachers in classrooms, so please share them with your teams. If you edit the resources, please note under Creative Commons they are "Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike". For more information on terms of use, click here.


Can I use the resources in recorded lessons?

Yes, for live lessons and lessons that will be shared privately on a school portal. Do not upload them to YouTube or any public forum as this is a breach of the terms of use as it could lead to profit-making.


Can I use the resources for tutoring?

No, as this counts as making profit from the resources. For more information on terms of use, click here.


How can I edit the PowerPoints?

Most of the PowerPoint content is easy to change, although the background information is all on the master slide. For a tutorial on how to edit this, click here.


Where are the worksheet answers?

Answers for each worksheet and activity are integrated into the corresponding PowerPoint for that topic so you can display them on the board. Many resources now also have worked solutions to make it easier for students to self-assess their work and hopefully limit your marking load.

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