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Mixed Attainment Maths

Due to coronavirus I, and countless other teachers across the UK, have had to teach mixed attainment classes this year. Fortunately I knew this was going to be the case at the start of the summer holidays so I was able to spend lots of time reading up on the mixed attainment maths philosophy and find some resources to aid my teaching.

Lots of the EduTwitter club pointed me in the direction of Helen Hindle and her wonderful resources. I was fortunate enough to participate in the webinar she led with Zebedee Friedman over the summer too (a recorded version is available on the Mixed Attainment Maths website).


At the start of the academic year, I began using Helen's resources for my mixed attainment groups and I honestly don't how I'd have managed without them. I have a wide range of attainment in both my year 7 classes and my year 8 class, whilst my year 9 group is foundation/higher split. These resources have enabled me to stretch and support every student, while at the same time giving them the responsibility for their own learning journeys.

I have started to create some of my own mixed attainment maths units, and only now realise the level of thought required to plan for mixed attainment teaching. I've written about my experiences here. You can find my attempts at the links below.

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