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5 Cool Things Your Computer Probably Does

Number 1 - The Snipping Tool

I thought this was something that everyone knew about but every time I mention it there's always at least one amazed person. It's really simple - just search for it on your Windows computer (it'll already be installed) and pin it to your taskbar!

The snipping tool can take still screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, a free-form area, or the entire screen. You can also edit the screenshot before saving it or copying it, or doing whatever you want with it! It's how I created most of the images on this post and all of the PowerPoint snapshots for the lesson resources.

Number 2 - Autodraw

This is a seriously clever website that recognises what your rough sketches are meant to be and suggests images that you can use instead.The icons are copyright-free so you can use them almost however you want.

Even if you don't need to draw anything, try it. If nothing else, the suggestions get highly entertaining as you move down the list!

Number 3 - Office 365 Equation Writer

This is something that I use often with my Surface Pro because I can write straight onto my screen. I believe it also works well if you have a writing tablet too.

The 'Math Input Control' is a bit clunky to use and sometimes it's just quicker to write what you mean! Generally I've found this works quite well but it struggles with some of the letters and symbols depending on how you form them. It's one of those things that I just adapt what I do to get the most use out of it.

I found a blog earlier this week written in 2012 claiming that QR codes are completely pointless and will be a piece of technology that never takes off. I couldn't help but laugh a little bit because I use them a lot and I know plenty of others that do too.

QR codes convert a website address into a

black and white square code that your phone camera can read and then take you to that link. It saves typing in a long link by hand and removes area for error. I often them for answers in lessons and for marketing, to name a couple of uses.

Number 5 - PowerPoint Master Slide

Anyone who has edited a PixiMaths PowerPoint will have encountered the master slide. It's a great way to keep the design of a slideshow consistent throughout without copying and pasting, or background elements getting in the way.

I have mine set up to include an automatic date too, so that's one less thing I need to remember! For more information on how to edit and use the master slide, I made a video last year that might help.

So these are 5 little things that make my planning and teaching easier day-to-day. What have I missed? Please comment below or on Twitter!

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31 mar

Hello, maybe you can tell us about the even greater capabilities of our computers? Alternatively, you can do it in the form of a video. Here is an online recorder for pc, I think you will reduce this time searching for the programme and you will record a video sooner!

Me gusta

Billi Jean
Billi Jean
06 ene

If you're curious about my thoughts, I think the pictures on your article are both low quality and uninteresting. The inadequacy of professionalism and skill is instantly apparent. If you're interested, you may compare your images with photos from ones I recently read about on the site. In general, I think of photography as an art that requires both skill and knowledge, of course.

Me gusta

20 jun 2020

Ive been using Zoom for my students throughout the lockdown, mostly successfully. I use the main computer so i use the annotation aids on the screens i share. I haven’t tried any lesson on my tablet.

Im also just starting to try out google jam board (a student’s suggestion) which i found easier to navigate. Just got to practice now.

Me gusta

Coral Thomas
Coral Thomas
17 jun 2020

Great tips

I am trying out zoom lessons - first one today and it was strange but some of these tips will come in useful

Any idea how I can stop my stylus making unwanted lines when I write on my tablet screen?

Me gusta
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