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So much inspiration!

I was honoured to go to the SSAT National Conference last week. I am fully aware that the people I work with are awesome, and I have encountered many fabulous teachers and leaders in the last few years, but I have never felt as inspired as I did following the conference last week.

So much passion emanated from all the speakers and I learnt so much more about leadership. I don't feel leadership is a new concept to me - I have completed both the NPQML and NPQSL - but last week I learnt about the impact the community can have on a school, the importance of taking calculate risks and received a strong reminder about making sure every single member of the team feels valued.

I have so many ideas to hopefully help to implement in the next year; some to support specific groups of students, some to support all students. All of the teachers and leaders I encountered had students’ learning and aspirations at heart. They have definitely reignited my passion for teaching as I have felt a bit ‘flat’ recently.

This post is really just a big thank you: thank you to the big personalities that continue to inspire us and our students. Thank you to the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with. Thank you to all the tweeps that offer advice and support when I’m stuck or have had a bad day.

To all teachers and leaders out there, you may not realise it and you may not receive the thanks, but you make a difference. Keep doing what you do, and hold your heads high: you have changed lives for the better.

#teaching #leadership #SSAT

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