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Four Operations

Several lessons on the four operations as follows:

  • A lesson on times tables practice using the Marigolds of Magic to give you a helping hand! Also includes a few links to resources that can help with further practice. Thank you Julia Smith for showing me this magical method!

  • A combined lesson on addition and subtraction with fully differentiated activities on both, visual explanations and a codebreaker to tie both parts of the lesson together.

  • Grid multiplication starts with a jumbled-up times tables grid to test the basics. A differentiated task follows two examples using the grid method. Worded questions are available as extension. Answers are included on the PowerPoint.

  • Short multiplication is has the same examples and questions with scaffolding as the grid method lesson.

  • Lattice multiplication, again withe the same examples and questions, but instead using the lattice (or Chinese) method.

  • Divisibility rules (yeah it does!) is a short 'lesson' on putting into practice rules of divisibility

  • Division starts with a reverse times tables grid. There are several examples using the short division method preceding a differentiated main task and a codebreaker. 

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