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Transition Day Ideas

This carousel consists of 4 activities, with each expected to take 10-15 minutes hopefully. Each activity comes with instructions to enable students to be relatively self-sufficient (hopefully!). These will need adapting depending on the prior attainment of your intake. Please let me know what you think.

Make a die

This is basically a net activity, but students will have to identify opposite faces to ensure they sum to 7.


I have attached footballs for students to cut out and stick on (either whole or in part) to ensure consistency of sizing. A key is also provided for students to stick onto their finished pictogram.

Directed numbers codebreaker

Students need to crack the code by answering a combination of questions involving directed numbers. I have also included a number line for you to give to those who shows signs of struggling.

Patterns and sequences

I give student lollipop sticks or straws along with the sheets for them to lay out on the table.

Open Evening Ideas

I generally go with the same structure for open evenings to show off the best of the department. Obviously you want the potential new students to see all the fun and practical sides of maths. 

Obviously you need to get students' books out - prospective students' parents will be keen to see what a normal maths lesson looks like, including any written feedback.

Any activities on tables need to be quick and easy, or be something that can be taken away. I often put out a Tarsia or two, some of 10 Ticks calculated colouring, some multilink cubes and isometric paper. 

This year we will be trialing a treasure hunt too. I've been inspired by the La Salle maths conferences and have created a simplified version of their treasure hunts. I'll be printing enough of page one to hand out to students that enter the room, slides two to eight will be printed on brightly coloured paper and stuck up around the room. We will have some chocolaty prizes available for any students that find the missing word!

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