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TFM1 - more fabulous CPD

So because life isn’t busy enough, I thought I would start the TFM1 course with MEI to re-learn Further Maths. No pressure, but I’m now also provisionally timetabled to teach it in September…


However, I’m loving it. I’m ahead of the webinar sessions and just genuinely loving doing some maths again for the sake of it. Matrices came back to me more quickly than I expected, and I feel a real sense of achievement when I get an exercise from the book completely correct. This sense of satisfaction is what maths has always been about for me.


It’s also opened up the opportunity for conversation (and even competition!) with colleagues.  As we are and Edexcel school, I’ve been working through the MEI textbook from the TFM1 course and then working through the mixed exercises from the Pearson textbook. Some of the questions are a little tricky and it’s been really good to mull these problems over with colleagues. Similarly, the red section in each exercise in the MEI book requires a lot of thought! It’s made me realise how lucky I am to have colleagues that can support me with the content, but also that I have a good enough relationship with them to be able to ask them for help or reassurance when I’m unsure.


My love for Integral resources has been reignited as well. My year 12 transformations lesson was more interactive and discussion-based after exploring the resources on Integral again. I need to remember to check there more regularly!


I’m going to keep practicing the content and keep my folder looking neat. I also have the two course days in London to look forward to! If the course is as good as TAM was 6 years ago, I know I’ll get a lot out of it.

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