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The year 11 scheme of learning is based on the theory of spacing and interleaving - there are approximately 8 weeks of teaching, then a mock, then 8 weeks of the same teaching as before, and so on. I have just included the pathways for the new 9 - 1 specification. I'll leave it you to create a calendar to suit your mock exam schedule and the number of teaching hours you have each week.

When I use this, I ensure that I build further on spaced learning by using my Mammoth Starter PowerPoints too - these mean students see 3 or 4 topics in their starter task, as well as the topic in the main part of the lesson. Combined with homework tasks made up of AO2 and AO3 exam questions, students will encounter most topics every week in year 11.


If you're interested in reading more about spacing and interleaving, and the psychology behind it, there are some great links below:

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