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Despite being an Edexcel publication, this poster has all the formulae you will need for GCSE maths, regardless of exam board. They are neatly laid out and split into higher/foundation formulae. I have it on display several times over in my room.  

This command word mat will hopefully support students in knowing what to do when they're practising exam questions over the next few weeks. Up to you whether you print and laminate for each table, or print one to display as a poster in your room.

PixiMaths command words placemat
PixiMath exam technique PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is a modified version of what I show my year 11s every year in the run-up to their maths exams. It goes through a few hints and tips to help them focus on what to look for in the maths exam, and reviews the meanings of some recurring key words.

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